Metric Bronze Bushings – Quick Guide For Small Projects

Tired of sifting through bronze bushings in imperial units? I compiled a list of purchasable metric bronze bushings that you can use to get what you need faster. Find the perfect bushing for your project in easy to understand metric units!

I’m not going to get into the imperial vs metric system debate. Many people have strong opinions on this, and I doubt I will change anyone’s mind by writing some enthralling prose on the pros and cons of each system. I do however recognize the fact that we live in an international world, and there will be many instances where it is in the best interest of manufacturers to provide parts in metric units.


I personally prefer to buy off of amazon if I can, I always feel uncomfortable giving my CC info on other sites – you never know how competent their IT departments are. I found a number of sizes on amazon that may be useful to you. If none of these sizes are what you need, I posted a short guide on how to find the right size below the links.


Metric Bronze Bushings SAE 841 Powdered Metal Bronze, Sleeve Bearings:

I.D. = Inner Diameter, O.D. = Outer Diameter

5 MM I.D. x 8 MM O.D. x 8 MM Length


8 MM I.D. x 10 MM O.D. x 10 MM Length


8 MM I.D. x 11 MM O.D. x 20 MM Length


8 MM I.D. x 12 MM O.D. x 16 MM Length


8 MM I.D. x 14 MM O.D. x 20 MM Length


12 MM I.D. x 17 MM O.D. x 10 MM Length


12 MM I.D. x 18 MM O.D. x 25 MM Length


17 MM I.D. x 22 MM O.D. x 17 MM Length


18 MM I.D. x 24 MM O.D. x 22 MM


18 MM I.D. x 24 MM O.D. x 24 MM Length


If none of these sizes are what you need, try searching the phrase AM-XXYY-ZZ. XX is the I.D., YY is the O.D., and ZZ is the length. You will also see this AM-XXYY-ZZ format under the row “Part number” in the “specification for this item” section of the amazon page. This may be obvious for people in the know, but I don’t think it’s all that intuitive for newbies.


If the AM-XXYY-ZZ search doesn’t yield results, try typing the phrase “Oilube Powdered Metal Bronze SAE841 Sleeve Bearings / Bushings – METRIC” into the amazon search bar, and all the options should come up. I’m hoping that they eventually make it so all the sizes are on one page, but until that day  comes, I hope this site is of some use to you.


Bushings provide one of the most common forms of plain bearings. Common designs include solid(flanged and sleeve), split, and clenched bushings. All of the links on this page should be to sleeve bearings, meaning it is solid all the way around.