Portable vs. Permanent Vises

Vises (sometimes spelled vices) are available in portable versions, and permanent or fixed versions. Portable Vises Portable vises as the name suggests are movable. This is great for job sites where you can’t expect to bring a big heavy shop table with you everywhere you go. They are also great for shops where you are […] Read More

What Is A Vise Tool Used For?

A vise (sometimes spelled vice) is used to hold objects in place so that they may be worked on. It’s pretty straight forward, you don’t want a work piece wiggling around while you are trying to cut it, glue it, sand it, file it, drill it, or otherwise modify it. You also don’t want to […] Read More

What Is A Vise [Vice] Tool?

A vise [vice] is a mechanical tool that is used to hold an object firmly in place so that work may be done on the object. A vise may come in a number of varieties, usually specialized for some purpose such as wood working, machining, blacksmithing, and general shop work. Almost every commercial workshop will […] Read More