Hello, and welcome to gallivantingcraftsman!

I have been obsessed with becoming a blacksmith since I was a kid. I don’t know what started it; it could have began on the many camping trips I used to take as a child. I used to stare deep into the coals of the flickering campfire… I was completely mesmerized. I still vividly remember the first time I stuck my marshmallow poker into the fire…and pulled it out a glowing dull cherry red. It was a transformative moment for me.

I have been forging for many years now, and I have been thinking of ways to continuously improve as a smith. I’m a big believer of the old maxim “see once, do once, teach once”. I have spent the last few years working tirelessly on the seeing and doing, but no time on the teaching. This site is my attempt to remedy that.

I hope you find my content helpful. I’m by no means the greatest smith alive, but I do care deeply about the craft.

I hope that by sharing my love of forge work, I can introduce new people to this wondrous and ancient craft. In an age of constant technological innovation, there really is no other hobby quite like blacksmithing. It remains constant (and useful) despite the rapid changes in technology; I think this is a beautiful thing.

I hope my love of this craft is infectious, and I hope you come to see it as I do!