How to use a table vise

It’s very simple to use a table vise (sometimes spelled vice). I will go through the steps below: Clamp the vise to the Table Most models of table vise will have a c clamp on the underside of the vise. Turn the clamp screw counter clockwise until the clamp opening is slightly larger than the […] Read More

What is a table vise?

Before I begin, I should stress that I’m not aware of any standards when it comes to vise (sometimes spelled vice) names. Manufacturers build the vise to spec, and then retailers and resellers give a name to the vise that they think will sell. This means you will find many different vise models under the […] Read More

How to use a multi-purpose vise

It’s pretty easy to use a multi-purpose vise (sometimes spelled vice). I will walk you through how to use one in the paragraphs below: Mounting your vise The first step is to mount your vise to a table or workstations. It’s considered best practice to bolt your vise to the corner of your table. Mounting […] Read More