What is an engineer’s vise?

An engineer’s vise (sometimes spelled vice) is a broad category of vises used for heavy duty vise work. I say it’s broad category as there are many different models of vises (with different features and characteristics) that can be called an engineer’s vise. People tend to use these terms colloquially, and neither people nor companies […] Read More

How does a metalworking vise work?

A metalworking vise (sometimes spelled vice) has two parallel jaws that clamp together to hold an object in place. How do metalworking vise jaws work? One jaw is stationary and attached to the main body of the vise. This provides additional stability. The other jaw moves, this dynamic jaw is moved towards or away from […] Read More

Anatomy of a Vise Tool.

A vise, sometimes called a vice, is made of a number of different components. This can lead to a number of questions such as: what are the different parts of a metal working vise? What are they called? What do they do? I will try and answer these questions and more in this article. The […] Read More

What is a metalworking vise?

A metalworking vise is a tool design to clamp metal objects and keep them still so that you may work on them. Metalworking vises are made with sturdier materials and harder materials that will not wear out as quickly when you use them to work metal. These vises are useful for a number of tasks […] Read More