How to reverse the jaws on a reversible vise

A reversible vise (sometimes spelled vice) is a great way to increase the jaw opening length at the expense of vise throat depth (most reversible vise models have a little anvil that gets in the way when the vise is reversed). Using the reverse capabilities of your vise is straightforward, and I will go over the steps below.

Release the screw

To start, rotate the handle locking your slide in place counterclockwise until it is no longer locked.

Remove The Jaw

Once the slide is unlocked, remove the movable jaw and slide from the base of the vise.

Rotate the vise

Rotate the vise 180 Degrees and get it ready to reinsert on the other side of the vise body.

Insert slide

Insert the slide back into the vise body from the opposite direction that you started.

Re-lock the screw.

Turn the handle you turned at the beggining of this article clockwise to lock the jaw and slide in place.

Clamp Workpiece

Place your work piece within the vise jaws and clamp it tightly by turning the lead screw handle clockwise.